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Module: Surgical Home Unit: Introduction, Handbook and Topics

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Case Studies:

  1. Introduction and Handbook
  2. Lower limb claudication - is the clinical examination of any value?
  3. Medical litigation: how can the risk be minimised?
  4. 'Bare below the elbows' - where is the evidence for its efficacy?
  5. Does bedside teaching have a role in modern medicine?
  6. The electronic health record system - will it do all we ask of it?
  7. Achalasia: a rare disease - or one that is under-diagnosed?
  8. Abbreviations: do we make ourselves clear?
  9. Is there any relationship between volume and outcome in surgery?
  10. Malnutrition: can and should it be corrected pre-operatively?
  11. Necrotising fasciitis - does hyperbaric therapy have any useful role?
  12. Minimally invasive surgery: does it have any tangible benefits?
  13. The PET scan: has it altered the management of oesophageal cancer?
  14. Does emergency surgery need to be done at 3.00 in the morning?
  15. Are Safe Surgery Checklists of any proven worth?
  16. Is the abdominal compartment syndrome a real entity?
  17. Disseminated gastric cancer: chemotherapy or quality of life?
  18. Follow-up clinics for gastrointestinal cancer: do they have any value?
  19. The physical examination - is it of any value?
  20. Gastric balloons for weight control - a lot of hot air?
  21. Eponyms and abbreviations: clarity or confusion in today's medical practice?
  22. Climbing stairs - an effective risk-assessment tool?
  23. Is there an effective risk assessment tool for emergency laparotomy?
  24. Acute biliary problems: are they being managed appropriately?
  25. The electronic medical record: a waste of physician’s time?
  26. Does surgery still have a role in the management of varicose veins?
  27. Renal colic: is a CT scan always necessary?
  28. Pancreatic cancer: is chemotherapy of any value?
  29. Are there any effective strategies for the management of bleeding diverticular disease?
  30. EPAS - a move in the right direction?
  31. Genetic testing for cancers: does it improve outcomes?
  32. Is CT scanning bad for your health?
  33. Large volume specialist surgery - an overall improvement in healthcare?
  34. Appendicitis - is this best managed by out-of-hours emergency surgery?
  35. The Choosing Wisely initiative: does it have any value?
  36. Malignant melanoma: are the current awareness campaigns working?
  37. Do all hiatus hernias need to be treated?
  38. Does surgery still have a role in the management of varicose veins?
  39. Does lower limb critical ischaemia still equal surgery?
  40. Does every city need a dedicated trauma service?
  41. The digital rectal examination - does it have any purpose?
  42. Transplantation - does it have a role in the management of hepatocellular carcinoma?
  43. The multidisciplinary team - what is its role in patient care?
  44. Screening for asymptomatic carotid stenosis: can it be justified?
  45. Low-risk thyroid cancers: how should they be managed?
  46. Is it feasible to develop a screening program for abdominal aortic aneurysms?
  47. Renal cell carcinoma: is active intervention the only option?
  48. Are there any effective strategies to minimise the over-use of CT scanning?
  49. Imaging options in peripheral vascular insufficiency
  50. Should breast surgeons be managing appendicitis?
  51. Appendicitis - is this best managed by out-of-hours emergency surgery?
  52. Medical Jurisdiction: what can we learn from the Sellu and Bawa-Garba cases?

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