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Module: Principles of Surgical Practice

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Peter Devitt
Head, Professorial Surgical Unit
Royal Adelaide Hospital


The cases in this module serve as an introduction to Surgery in general. With advances in imaging and various minimally invasive procedures, the boundaries of surgery have become blurred - however, the essential elements of the management of a patient through an elective or emergency surgical procedure remain. These issues and problems form the focus of this module and the following cases are designed to introduce the user to some of the challenges that surround the operation itself - the preparation for the procedure and the recovery that follows.

Apart from the decision that some form of surgical treatment is advocated, the surgeon and the patient must consider a number of things:
  • Informed consent
  • Risk factor analysis
  • Strategies to reduce post-operative complications
  • How to management post-operative complications, should they occur
The case studies in this module will look at these areas in more detail.

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