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Module: Core Curriculum in Health Psychology

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Adrian Booth

South Australian Mental Health Training Centre
Glenside Hospital, Australia.


The case reflects the challenges encountered when working with complex issues within a community based setting. The fictitious community - Shackletown - represents how health and wellbeing can be significantly impacted when risk factors such as poor building design, pollution, patterns of unemployment, racism and discrimination and stigma prevail. 

Even though Shackletown is fictitious, it is 'real' given that much of the content is drawn from research and actual documented case studies highlighting the impact that poor urban planning and community design has on the psychological wellbeing of citizens.  
Relevant issues for discussion in this case include consideration of health policy as applied to communities experiencing distress, exploration of public health interventions and the impact that socio-economic disadvantage plays in relation to health and wellbeing.  Application of relevant health promotion frameworks and identification of risk and protective factors are discussed as well as barrier towards implementation will be explored. 

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