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Module: Paediatrics

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Failure to Thrive in a Rural Setting - Part II


Melody Jackson
B. Nur, Grad. Cert. Cancer and Haematology
Professor Rakesh Seth
Consultant Paediatrician
Wagga Wagga
Prof Peter Devitt, University of Adelaide
Prof Andrew Rosenberg, University Notre Dame
Dr Shirley Alexander, University Notre Dame


This is the second part of a case study which focuses on some of the issues involved in the diagnosis, assessment and management of infants and children with 'failure to thrive.' In this scenario, Samuel is a 21-month-old child who has recently arrived with his family in a new rural setting and is being evaluated by the local medical practitioner.

Part I of the case study concentrates on important elements of the history and physical examination that need to be quantified in these sorts of problems.

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