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Module: Peri-operative Care in the Rural Setting

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Introduction and Pre-Operative Optimisation


Tim Hall

The University of Adelaide

Dr Haydn Baillie
The Investigator Clinic
Port Lincoln
South Australia


The cases in this module deal with some of the important issues to be considered in the pre-operative assessment of a patient - particularly when judging whether or not it is appropriate that the procedure be undertaken on that patient in the rural setting. Whilst it is understandable that many residents would want their care to be undertaken and completed close to home, that is not always feasible and much will depend on the fitness of the patient and the local resources available.

Complications can - and do - occur after any procedure. Some of the important and common ones are discussed.

This first case deals with optimising a patient's state of health in the peri-operative setting. It is based on a pre-anaesthetic check in a rural hospital.

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