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Module: Urology Study

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Introduction and Demographics


Dr. Simon Harley
Urology Department
Royal Adelaide Hospital


No matter what your chosen career pathway, patients with urological problems will be encountered. These patients might be seen in the general practitioner's clinic, the emergency department - or in almost any other setting, where the urological problem may be the central complaint or part of the patient's co-morbidities that need to be factored into a management plan.

The case studies in this Urology module are not aimed at the expert urologist, rather they are structured to help those individuals in other areas of medicine who may be expected to initiate the management of a patient with a urological problem. From the student's perspective, the case studies aim to cover the core topics in the discipline of Urology and are approached from the perspective of the non-expert being confronted with a patient with a urological problem. 

The material in this module is currently being evaluated and users are asked to complete the case studies in the order that they are provided. The study starts with some general questions about yourself and your exposure to Urology and will be followed by a series of multiple choice questions designed to measure your baseline knowledge of the subject. Once completed, you are invited to go through the ten case studies. These should take about 2 -3 hours to complete and can be done at your convenience. Once the case studies have been completed there is a questionnaire, seeking users' views on the value of the material. All information gathered for this study will be kept confidential. This study has been approved by the Ethics Committee of the University of Adelaide.

CASH PRIZES!! All those who complete the module will automatically be entered into a prize draw - with three winners each getting a gift voucher of $100.

The study design is as follows:

Upon signing up, you will be randomly allocated to either the ‘Control’ Group or ‘Intervention’ Group. You will then be asked a number of general questions about your training, study habits and your exposure to Urology.

Each Group will partake in a self-assessment set of 18 MCQs. At this stage you will not know which group you are in. Upon completion of these 18 MCQs the study will proceed as follows:

Control Group: you will be asked to complete a further 18 MCQs and then access the case studies.

Intervention Group: you will be asked to go through the case studies and then complete the Completion MCQs. These are exactly the same 18 MCQs that the Control Group were asked to complete before they accessed the case studies.

On completion of the case studies and the Completion MCQs (Intervention Group) you are asked to fill in the Post-Completion Questionnaire. Once you have done that, you will be automatically entered into the prize draw. It is anticipated that the draw will be made by the end of June.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact sjd.harley@gmail.com

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