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This module contains the results of the eMedici Mock Exam 2018.

Module: eMedici Mock Exam Results 2018

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eMedici Mock Exam Results 2018


Dr Hannah Pham

Dr Stefan Court-Kowalski

A/Prof Peter Devitt


This case contains:

  • Year 4 eMedici Mock Exam 2018 - Questions and answers
  • Year 5 eMedici Mock Exam 2018 - Questions and answers
  • Cohort performance data
  • Extra student questions (items not used in the exam)

Interpreting your score

This is a raw score only. There was no “pass/fail” mark that was set for this examination. To help you interpret your result, please refer to the cohort performance data. Furthermore, 2 duplicated questions were inadvertently included in the Year 4 examination – this has not been factored into the total score.

Technical problems

We want to sincerely apologise for the unexpected technical problems that were experienced on the day. We are conscious that this undoubtedly would have impacted your valuable SWOTVAC time. This occurred despite our best efforts to maximise server capacity. We do appreciate your understanding and patience on the day.

Access to exam questions and answers

We also wish to remind participants that half the questions in the exam were student-generated, whilst the other half were clinician-generated. Given the nature of the research study, we were unable to modify the student-generated questions significantly beyond simple corrections such as de-identification. We strongly advise that all questions are used with the knowledge that they may NOT have undergone a thorough peer review process.

Please note that a proportion of submitted questions were deliberately excluded from the mock exam either due to repetitive/similar content and/or content inaccuracies. These extra questions will be made available to you.

Feedback survey

If you have not already done so, we would greatly appreciate feedback which can be provided at this online survey: https://goo.gl/forms/a21y1jU0jcxocSmJ2. We will be using this feedback to inform decisions about the running of mock exams in 2019.

Questions about MCQs

Despite the technical problems, we do hope that you have benefited from participating in the mock exam either from the process of MCQ writing and/or being exposed to a variety of new content. If you have specific questions about the content, please contact Dr Hannah Pham (hannah.pham@adelaide.edu.au) in the first instance.

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