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eMedici Mock Exams are curated by expert medical educators for industry-leading quality, fidelity, and relevance. Combining standard SBA/MCQ format, authentic clinical context, and rich media integration, students at any level can dive right in. Afterwards, get real insight into your performance with our customised cohort breakdown, helping you stay ahead of the curve.

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Barrier Exam

180 peer-reviewed multiple choice questions for students about to sit final medical examinations or international medical graduates studying for the AMC written exam.

Pre-Barrier Exam

120 peer-reviewed multiple choice questions suitable for students not yet at the end of their undergraduate medical training.

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Coming in 2021 — over 1,000 multiple choice questions for Australian medical students and trainee medical officers — all carefully reviewed by trusted clinicians and medical education experts. Gain accurate, dependable, real-world knowledge for not only your exams but for future practice.

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Learning from an overseas resource? Sometimes there’s a world of difference! Unlike other resources, eMedici is written exclusively for the Australian context. If you’re studying to practice in Australia, learn the real-world right answers approved by clinicians from all over the country.

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Help eMedici expand our content library with original MCQ questions and earn $30 per approved item! Studying a high-yield topic? Textbook case in the clinic? Caught short on a ward round? Write a question, enhance your learning, and get paid!

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